Orange home shop news lifestyle email & communicate help & support your account the web orange news home uk & world entertainment finance sport quirkies technology weather video pictures in depth uk & world news 6 october 2012, 20:22 tourette's hero reveals her struggle in book tweet a woman suffering from tourette's syndrome has written a book to raise awareness and understanding of her neurological condition. Tourette's syndrome, or tourette's, is characterised by the sufferer exhibiting sudden and involuntary physical 'tics' and/or socially-unacceptable phrases or swearing. Jessica thom is a co-founder of the website and blog touretteshero, which is described as a place to "celebrate the humour and creativity of tourette's". She has now written welcome to biscuit land, which charts a year in her life as she battles with the condition which makes her say the word biscuit at a rate of 16bpm (biscuits per minute). Ms thom began exhibiting involuntary tics when she was a child, but it was not until she was an adult that she was diagnosed with tourette's. She told sky's steve dixon: "i say biscuit a lot. It does not always feel like a choice, it feels like something i need to do. "involuntary swearing only affects a small percentage of people with tourette's. It is a myth that i am keen to break, through the work of the book. It makes a tangible difference if people know more about tourette's. " ms thom also has a physical tic. cheap generic viagra 車保険ランキング
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