Aahs      asrm      aspn      not yet assigned to a slot - 2:00 am crystal deposition disease masquerading as stenosing tenosynovitis and its associated sequelae downey cr , bullocks jm, dice d, and netscher dt. Micheal e. Debakey department of surgery, baylor college of medicine, division of plastic surgery, houston, tx, usa extra-articular crystalline deposition secondary to gout, and less commonly, pseudogout is a well known phenomenon. Tophacious deposits into the soft tissues are the manifestation of biochemical metabolic derangements. Despite this well documented entity of extra-articular deposition, there have been few reports of infiltration of the flexor tendon sheath of the hand. Here we present a case series of this unique occurrence, including surgical techniques, pathology and the clinical outcomes of 5 patients treated at the affiliated hospitals of the texas medical center at baylor college of medicine in houston, texas. Between the years 2002 and 2007 we encountered 2 cases of calcium pyrophosphate, and 3 cases of uric acid deposition into the flexor tendon sheath masquerading as common tendonopathies. These include cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, non-suppurative flexor tenosynovitis, trigger finger and attrition rupture of the flexor tendons. While most patients presented with a known history of metabolic disease undergoing standard medical therapy, one case marked the initial presenting symptom of the disease. Although, medical therapy is the cornerstone of treatment for diseases that res. buy cheap generic viagra online クリック